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How could you challenge
thinking at K 2019?

While advances in science and technology are improving billions of lives, humanity faces many new challenges. So how do we begin to address them? To find innovative answers, we must all ask meaningful questions that challenge conventional thinking.

Can we invite you to ask more of us at K 2019? Hearing your questions as an industry partner takes us closer to new solutions. It’s also a small step on our journey aspiring to be the most innovative, inclusive, sustainable and customer-centric materials science company in the world.

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Why meet us at K Show?

What challenges will you explore with us at K 2019?

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How could you challenge
thinking at K 2019?

There’s no more important conference in the world for the plastics and rubber industry. Over eight eventful days, it gathers the most influential and creative suppliers of machinery, parts and products under one roof.

It’s the ideal place for you to talk to us, forge new relationships and start collaborations that will help transform businesses and society. We’ll be there to listen, learn, discuss and be inspired. Can we meet you there?

K 2019 | 16-23 October | Düsseldorf, Germany

How will we meet humanity’s growing needs?

By the end of this century, the earth will be home to another four billion people. Materials science will be key to finding the solutions we need to protect valuable content, build more effectively, move more efficiently and care for ourselves more holistically.

Protect. Build. Move. Care. Join us in exploring innovations in these four domains at K 2019. Let’s meet challenges with courage. Innovate to create value. And move towards a circular economy.

If we question the things we can and can’t do, if we question how we do things, we can make big steps. May we welcome you to embrace this approach?

How can we protect our goods without harming our planet?

It’s important to protect what’s valuable. To meet the needs of a changing world, we must work to find solutions that are efficient, innovative and that can lead to a circular economy.

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How can we help billions move safely?

Modern transport has transformed humanity by bringing people, goods and ideas closer together. To ensure this happens more safely, sustainably and efficiently, the automotive industry must keep moving in close collaboration, with creativity and purpose.

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What can we build today that will be valued tomorrow?

How we build our world shapes the way we think and act. From the smallest communities to the largest cities, the quality of our life will come from our ability to adapt and improve our environment and live together.

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What does it mean to truly care?

Humanity needs care to thrive and grow. That’s why there will always be a need for products that make our lives, and the lives of our families and surrounding communities, healthier and more comfortable.

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What’s next in materials science?

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