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What can we build today that will be valued tomorrow?

Join us at K 2019 as we explore innovative ways to build, adapt and improve our environment, from the smallest communities to the largest cities. Let’s find better solutions for today and tomorrow.

Learn more about the prototypes on display in the Build area of our stand.

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Changing environments

Humanity’s relationship with our constructed environment is changing as populations grow and the climate changes. Energy efficiency is driving several trends, including a renewed focus on insulation and the recyclability of materials.

Building for tomorrow

Architects, developers and builders are also committed to designing structures, spaces and surfaces which last longer and are easier to maintain, leaving a legacy for generations to come. Building tomorrow’s world will require close collaboration with key partners today.

Creating better solutions

Through partnerships, we can challenge how infrastructure works at every scale and help create better solutions above, below and all around us. These solutions include everything from architectural coatings, and adhesives and sealants, to flooring and insulation for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Explore innovative solutions at K 2019

Visit the Dow stand and talk to our team of experts at K 2019 as we present a range of innovative prototypes and success stories. It’s the perfect place to discover new partnerships, ideas and solutions. Some of the prototypes being showcased are described below.

V PLUS Perform™ Panel Insulation Technology

V PLUS Perform™ insulated metal panels help create future-ready buildings by putting sustainability, energy-efficiency and people at the heart of design.


  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Created in collaboration with manufacturers, architects and sustainability experts
  • Improves thermal comfort and air quality for healthy and safe indoor environments
  • Thinner insulation panels enable flexible design and lighter construction

Sustainability highlight

Powering greener, energy-efficient buildings that use fewer resources and have less environmental impact.