How will K 2019 shape a better world?

Society relies on the social and economic benefits of plastics. But its everyday presence means it’s taken for granted and thrown away thoughtlessly. K 2019 gives our industry the opportunity to address the issue and find better solutions.

How will plastics be an integral part of the circular economy?

We work across every stage of the value chain to make plastics part of the circular economy; from production, design and re-use to recovery and collection, recycling and creating markets for recycled materials. What role will you play? How can we work collectively for a circular economy? Visit us at K 2019 to explore the possibilities.

How are we making sustainability a reality every day?

Over 100 prototypes will be on display across the K 2019 event with over 100 Dow specialists and material scientists ready and waiting to share ideas with you. Discover new possibilities and find lighter, more efficient, recyclable and reusable solutions.

What does the circular economy mean for our industry?

Explore the circular economy through a specially-designed installation, created with seven shipping containers. Learn how we’re working with partners and through global initiatives across every stage of the value chain to achieve a circular economy that works for everyone.

What’s our role in the circular economy?

We have a role to play in every stage of the circular economy. Our material scientists have done a good job on design, but we are now actively participating in all stages from sorting and collecting, to end use markets. See the eight sustainability stories at our stand that are making a difference around the world.

Can we make K 2019 circular too?

Real change happens through actions not words. That’s why we’ve built circularity into our K 2019 experience, from repurposing displays to recycling backdrops. See for yourself at the event.

What’s your goal?

Advancing a circular economy is one of our 2025 Goals, which we’ve created to lead a global transition to sustainability. These goals are about unlocking the potential of people and science, valuing nature and building courageous collaborations.

Join us at K 2019 as we continue on the sustainability journey. Let’s break down barriers to find solutions that transform businesses and society for the better.

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