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How can we protect our goods without harming our planet?

Join us at K 2019 to explore innovative ways to protect all kinds of goods through efficient solutions that can enable a circular economy. Let’s meet the needs of our changing world sustainably.

Learn more about the prototypes on display in the Protect area of our stand.

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Using resources wisely

Innovations in this space are driven by a global, growing need to prevent food waste caused by damage or spoilage, and packaging materials ending up in landfills or the environment. At the same time, these materials help to save energy and resources during production while advancing reusable and recyclable plastics.

From agriculture to transport

Solutions that protect include the industrial stretch wrap films and sacks that are essential to agriculture and the safe transportation of goods. They also encompass the everyday packaging of food and other consumer products, in addition to applications that enable insulation and refrigeration.

Protecting what’s valuable

We’re collaborating on innovative materials science to create safer, more efficient and more sustainable solutions to protect what’s valuable.

Explore innovative solutions at K 2019

Visit the Dow stand and talk to our team of experts at K 2019 as we present a range of innovative prototypes and success stories. It’s the perfect place to discover new partnerships, ideas and solutions. Some of the prototypes being showcased are described below.

Innovations in industrial films

The latest innovations, from post-consumer recyclate (PCR) integration in heavy duty shipping sacks (HDSS) and collation shrink films to stretch wrap films thinner than you ever imagined.


  • Increased protection of goods and improved load stability
  • Thinner high performance films that meet regulatory and industry standards
  • Use of PCR without compromising on mechanical properties
  • Tailor made solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Recyclable films

Sustainability highlight

Solutions for effective packaging enabling resource efficiency, downgauging, and improved load stability.

Mono-material packaging designs

A variety of polyethylene-based, flexible packaging solutions designed for recyclability while offering high packaging performance and production efficiency, for different end applications depending on barrier needs. They are based on a broad portfolio of high performance resins, compatibilizers, coatings and adhesives that can be combined with latest orientation extrusion technologies.


  • Spouted stand-up pouches: designed for recyclability
  • Vacuum skin packages: protect fresh meat and cheese up to 3 times longer while using up to 3 times less packaging materials.
  • Thermoformed polyamide-free packages: designed for recyclability
  • Liquid cartons: enabled by bio-based PE resins
  • Adhesives: production efficiency and speedy time to market

Sustainability highlight

Design for recyclability is the starting point to build the circular economy, while preserving optimum protection of goods as key critical function of packaging.